Roberto Guzmán Rosado is better known by his stage name Tru Life, is an American rapper of Puerto Rican descent. He was signed to Jay-Z's Roc-A-Fella Records briefly but was incarcerated soon after. Before signing he had spent time with various other labels, featured on numerous songs and had already generated quite a buzz due to prominent beefs, appearances on mixtapes and Smack DVD. He was released from prison in 2016.

Since his release that he is a changed man and has left his previous life of crime and drama long behind him and is moving on in a positive direction. Tru just signed a record deal with SONY / EPIC under Future's Label Freebandz.  

Soon after his release Tru Life featured on a song with Rick Ross which was received well. The music video for the song, released on YouTube, gathered over 3 million views within less then one month.  Currently Tru Life has has not released a single and is working on new tracks with artists including, Rick Ross, Jay Z, Future, DJ Clue,Ti, Celo Green, Yo Gotti, Belly, Tego Calderon, & Conrad Sewell.  

Tru Life's career started in 1999 after being signed to Dreamworks Records. His album, Cryin' Out Loud, was scheduled to be released in November 2001. In an interview, Tru Life says "They weren't ready to do black music", and "there were too many bumps in the road." He eventually landed an audition with Jay-Z. After more than ten minutes, Tru Life was able to convince Jay-Z of his skills, which prompted Jay-Z to reply "Somebody, get this kid in front of a camera!". He was signed to a six-figure record deal later that evening. Tru Life gained a significant amount of notice when he made an original song "Wet Em Up" for Grand Theft Auto IV's fictional radio station "The Beat 102.7".  In 2009 Tru Life was getting back into music and was earlier signed to Def Jam but personally asked Jay-Z to get him off Def Jam, which he did, before signing him to Roc La-Familia, a subsidiary of his main label Roc-A-Fella.

Since coming out of prison in 2016 Tru Life is done with any beefs or feuds he had in the past.  He has been through so much in his life that the old rivalries he was once engaged in now seem meaningless. Before and after going to prison Tru Life has always been a conscious observer of his own life as well as rap music, street life and gang culture in general, and made a point of not glamorising a criminal lifestyle, being in a gang, or going to prison.

Tru life’s struggle has lead him to lgive back to the community in various ways.  His grateful attitude & hard work ethic has givin him aa new passion to help organizations like the YMCA, produce Holiday fundraisers & help with Kids Basketball Camps.  He has become an outspoken motivational speaker to inner city youth programs that help todays youth live a more positive and productive life.